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Loose Diamonds

Evolution of Diamond The first river-bed (alluvial) diamonds were probably discovered in India, in around 800 B.C. The European travelers visiting India for its diamond treasures used to transport diamonds from the India Mine to Europe for cutting. It is believed that the early diamond cutting styles originated in Europe.

The earliest reference to diamond cutting is in l550 in Antwerp, the most important diamond center of the period, where a diamond-cutters' guild was soon to be established. The early diamond cutters were unable to polish the rough diamonds. However, they found out that they could polish or grind diamonds into a point by polishing almost parallel to the rough surfaces. They also realized that only diamonds can cut diamonds so they used a wooden table covered with diamond dust to achieve polishing. This resulted in the "Rose Cut". It was called the rose cut due to it's resemblance to the "Rose Bud". The rose cut came into existence in the early sixteenth century and was widely used through the eighteen century.

There were a few intermediaries that contributed to the present cutting style of the round brilliant cut. The "Old Mine Cut" and then the "old European cut" were more evident in the late eighteenth century until the early twentieth century. They ultimately gave birth to the present Round Brilliant cut and the ideal cut diamond proportions. Diamonds continue to hold a deep fascination as the world’s ultimate symbol of love. The diamond’s rarity and natural beauty have contributed to making it such an extraordinary and magical gift. Furthermore, the timeless history of each diamond makes it the most meaningful and powerful way to symbolize eternal love. Visit the #1 wholesale diamonds source for free consultation and expert advice on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry.


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